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Another Audio Book

Audio version of the second Eden House Mystery from Headline Publishing available to pre-order now for release on 5th August.

Not ‘Silent’ any longer

Another exciting day in the Kitson’ household.

Silent as the Grave is now available in AUDIO on all platforms, read by Mike Rodgers, released by

Wine is in the fridge!

I’m in the Greek Paper Today!

There is a fantastic article in the Greek press today about my Greek Island Romances. All Royalties from fourteen of my independently published books are now being paid directly to ELEPAP rehabilitation for disabled children’s bank account. Follow the link and use Google Translate if necessary to read the full page. My grateful thanks to George Constas who I have worked with previously for the publicity in support of this wonderful charity.

Every Little Helps

A week ago I said I would be adding more funding to the Greek children’s charity I have supported since 2016, ELEPAP rehabilitation for disabled children, by putting more books on their account.

2nd editions of eight Greek Island Romances and two books of short stories, will now have all royalties paid directly to their bank, as with the existing four. I will receive no payment from these sales.

If you had seen the smiling faces of these brave children with varying degrees of problems, some only babies, I’m sure you would also want to help. I have kept the costs low, (£1.99 per download or paperback £6.99) in the hope it will generate more interest. Even if you don’t read the book it will benefit those wonderful children.

Please share this post and help to spread the word.

A Helping Hand

Many of my readers will be aware that I make no secret of the fact that I support the Greek charity for disabled children, ELEPAP. If you don’t know why, then read ‘George’ my blog on 22 October 2016.

With the Covid restriction of the past year and the inability to hold fund raising events, I decided to improve my support. Four of my existing Greek Island Romance books. The Fountain of Daphne and The Shepherd’s Lodge Trilogy, already have all royalties, both from digital and paperback, paid directly to ELEPAP, but this will now increase.

Previously written as my alter-ego, William Gordon, I have just received the revised print proofs for the remaining eight titles in the series, and two books of short stories, which will now add to the ELEPAP income.

When they are published, I will spread the word.

Headline news

I’ve just received some thrilling news which I am delighted to share.

Headline Publishing are to issue the entire series of The Eden House Mysteries in Audio Format. Five titles, one per month, starting on 1st July with Silent As The grave.


The Byland Crescent Saga

I am delighted to say that not only is Joffe Books publishing my DI Mike Nash thrillers, but I have now signed a contract for the first three books in the Byland Crescent Saga, set in the textile industry of Bradford in the late 1800s.

Depicting one hundred years in the life of the Cowgill family, the saga crosses through history from Bradford, to Scarborough, and to Australia.

Making new Headlines

My Eden House Mysteries, originally published by Accent Press, are now with Headline Publishing and are being reissued. Currently available for £1.99 in eBook format on several platforms, all with new covers. I hope you like them as much as I do.

It’s a Chain Reaction

First, it was The Bleeding Heart Killer, then a five book box set, and now, the latest DI Mike Nash Thriller, number twelve in the series . . . Chain Reaction. Available on Amazon for only 99p., with the paperback to follow shortly.

My publisher, Joffe Books, has certainly been busy — And there’s more to come!

Box Set out today

If you like a bargain, a box set of the first five titles in the DI Mike Nash Thriller Series, published by Joffe Books, has been released today, and can be downloaded on Amazon Kindle for only 99p.