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Read for Free

If you want to get to know the Cowgill family, here is your opportunity. Until 23:59 on Saturday Brothers and Sisters of Byland Crescent is available to download for free, then it will be the bargain price of 99p until 1st December.

The Next Cover

Here’s a sneak peak at the cover for the fifteenth DI Mike Nash thriller. All we need now is the date it will be available for pre-order on Amazon, and the release date from my publisher When I have that information, you will be the next to know.

I need a holiday

I’ve just returned the edit to my publisher, , for Mike Nash #15, Skeletons in the Closet. I don’t have the cover or release date yet, but watch this space. I looked at the all titles in the series and realised just how much work I’ve put in. Our last holiday abroad, like may others, was in 2019 and I think we deserve another. Watching the queues and problems at the UK airports, and wondering if we should take the risk, became second place to the fact that we have missed all the friends we see in our favourite destination. So, the in-house editor got to work, found a flight, and suddenly she’s talking about packing and suitcases — I’ll keep out of the way, working on book four of the Cowgill Family Saga.

Holiday Special!

At this point in the summer many people will be thinking about holidays, sun, sea and perhaps a little romance. But unfortunately with the current financial climate and chaos at the airports, it may be impractical. There’s nothing I can do to sort that out, but what I can do is drop the prices of my Greek Island Romances for seven days. Starting Saturday 6 August all thirteen books will be available to download on Amazon UK and US for only 99p/99c. Perhaps readers can sit in the sun here and imagine they are in that magical place. All royalties from all these titles are paid directly to ELEPAP, the charity for disabled children in Chania, Crete, that I support.

I blame George Clarke

I have decided that when the in-house editor isn’t working I will have to supervise her television viewing. Watching all the property renovation programs is becoming a slight problem. Not only has she moved her office to share with me — because I had a better view — but now we have a ‘reading nook’ . . . it’s supposed to be the spare bedroom. And that’s my garden chair!

Hopefully it’s all out of her system now and she can get back to work editing Mike Nash #16, while I continue work on book four of The Cowgill Family Saga.

Even more good news

Yesterday I revealed that the Audio rights for the first three titles in the Cowgill Family Saga have been sold to Bolinda Audio. What I didn’t tell you is that there has also been an offer for Large Print versions. I’m currently revising/editing book four — so I’d better get on with it!

A change of tack

I have just finished writing #16 of the DI Mike Nash series and put it on the backburner before I start my edit.

So, to please all those readers who are asking for book 4 of The Cowgill Family Saga, I am now able to return to revising and completing it. The sagas are 100 pages longer than a crime thriller and with all the historical facts, take a lot more research for verification. This will take some time, but for those of you waiting with fingers crossed, I will do my upmost to get it to my publisher as soon as I can.

Making time . . .

The ‘in-house editor’ decided her office wasn’t suitable. It was ‘too dark’ and I ‘had a better view’, was the claim — well, she was looking at the back of my head! So in amongst finding time to listen to the new Nash audio, writing the seventeenth, and the editing and revision work on the fourth in the Cowgill Family Saga, I stopped work. With help from my step-daughter we moved her desk. Is she happy? Guess! Now she has to walk to the printer instead of turning her chair, and it’s further to the bathroom, kitchen, and to answer the door . . . I’m going back to work!

Bargains galore

I currently have three books available from my publishers at either an introductory or promotional cost of only 99p each.

The latest crime thriller in the DI Mike Nash series, Burial Grounds.

Book one in the Cowgill Family Saga, Brothers and Sisters of Byland Crescent.

Or an Eden House Mystery, Silent as the Grave.

. . . The choice is yours . . .

#1Hot new release in Australia

Burial Grounds is going down well (or should that be up?) in Australia. Climbing the Kindle charts to number one in the Hot New Releases in the Mystery, Thriller and Suspense tables. A big thank you to all who pre-ordered or have downloaded a copy, whichever country you are in.