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Making new Headlines

My Eden House Mysteries, originally published by Accent Press, are now with Headline Publishing and are being reissued. Currently available for £1.99 in eBook format on several platforms, all with new covers. I hope you like them as much as I do.

It’s a Chain Reaction

First, it was The Bleeding Heart Killer, then a five book box set, and now, the latest DI Mike Nash Thriller, number twelve in the series . . . Chain Reaction. Available on Amazon for only 99p., with the paperback to follow shortly.

My publisher, Joffe Books, has certainly been busy — And there’s more to come!

Box Set out today

If you like a bargain, a box set of the first five titles in the DI Mike Nash Thriller Series, published by Joffe Books, has been released today, and can be downloaded on Amazon Kindle for only 99p.

A Very Merry Christmas, one and all

Great news, not only is my latest DI Mike Nash Thriller, The Bleeding Heart Killer, only 99p on Kindle, but the paperback is now available. Too late to get it in your Christmas stocking but a good read for the New Year perhaps.

It’s Good News Week!

The latest news is that, to date, I have sold 100,000 books of the reissued DI Mike Nash series in twelve months. I also promised a brand new, previously unpublished Nash thriller before Christmas — and here it is.

The Bleeding Heart Killer is available now on Amazon Kindle for only 99p, with the paperback, published by Joffe Books, to follow shortly.

It may be a much quieter Christmas than the norm for us and many families across the UK, but it won’t prevent us from celebrating. I hope that everyone enjoys the holiday in the best way they can and I wish everyone of you a very merry Christmas with wishes that 2021 brings us all to a safer place.

A Brand New DI MIke Nash

It’s been a long time coming, but for those of you who have contacted me asking when, I can tell you it won’t be long! There is a previously unpublished, brand new, DI Mike Nash thriller, The Bleeding Heart Killer, scheduled to be out before Christmas.

I don’t have the date, but I do have the cover. . . .

More to come?

I want to thank all my readers who have enjoyed the backlist of the DI Mike Nash Thrillers re-issued over the past year by Joffe Books. The reviews and messages I have received have been much appreciated.

But here is the latest news …..

Now that the list has been exhausted there are more previously unpublished Nash thrillers to come. I have heard a whisper that, wind and tide (and the virus!) being in the right direction, book eleven will be out before Christmas. I won’t reveal the title yet so you’ll have to watch this space, but when I know any more, then so will you.

In the meantime, stay safe.

The Gremlin is dead!

In a my previous post I said there was a Gremlin in the works effecting downloads of The Shepherd’s Lodge eBooks and that Amazon were trying to rectify the problem. Well, it’s taken two weeks for them to ~ hopefully ~ complete the entire task and put things back to normal.

I can only apologise to anyone who had a problem with any of the books and reiterate what I said originally, which was to thank you for supporting ELEPAP a worthy children’s charity.

Houston, we have a problem!

Yesterday I was contacted by one of my readers pointing out an issue with a download of the first book in The Shepherd’s Lodge trilogy, where the text was sideways down the page. It seems we have a Gremlin in the mix affecting all three titles.

Everything was correct originally, and, to date, I am unaware of any previous problems. However, I contacted Amazon, who in this instance were excellent, and within six hours I had a response informing me part of the issue had been resolved and the technical team were attempting to correct the rest.

For those of my readers who have downloaded all three books in The Shepherd’s Lodge, if any of you have experienced similar problems with the layout, then I can only pass on my apology. Why it suddenly went wrong, I’ve no idea, but if that is the case, I can only thank you for supporting ELEPAP. And for anyone wishing to do the same, perhaps it would be prudent to wait a day or so. Please don’t let this prevent you from helping a worthy cause.

Missing your holiday?

If like me you’re missing your holiday abroad this year, then maybe you can pretend. At chez Kitson, the suitcases would have been dusted, the clothing would have been at the stage of ‘wear that if you dare!’ as piles of ‘reserved for holiday’ attire begin to appear, and lists — lists everywhere! Now I appreciate that not everyone works like this, but that is how it works here. Well normally it would. However, there are no lists or suitcases, just normal daily routine. The only major change is that instead of us visiting the store, the supermarket now comes to us.

So, if you want to pretend you’re on holiday, can I suggest you read The Shepherd’s Lodge, a trilogy in my Greek Island Romances written as William Gordon. Three females, three generations, all connected to the family’s Mitato, the shepherds lodge, in the hills. With every download or paperback purchase, you will be aiding the Greek children’s charity ELEPAP, as every penny in royalties goes directly to them — forever.