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Eden House Mysteries

Series re-released by Headline Publishing 2020


The Haunted Lady

Reporter-turned-novelist Adam Bailey and his new wife Eve are looking forward to peaceful married life, but that soon evaporates when they get involved in another mysterious investigation. Parishioners are abandoning Reverend Phillips’ church, believing it haunted – could this be something to do with the disappearance of two valuable religious paintings?

Meanwhile, the vicar wants to marry his fiancée, Chloe Kershaw, a woman from a prominent local family. But when the couple apply for the necessary paperwork, they discover there is no true record of Chloe’s birth anywhere. Just who is she – and who exactly were her parents? When a local lothario – with links to both the art world and the Kershaws – is murdered, suspicion falls on Chloe’s family. It’s up to Adam and Eve to work out the truth – a task made all the more difficult when they stumble into the murky world of Cold War espionage . . .

Audio available 5th November 2021

FLESH AND BLOOD October 2015

Flesh and Blood

When Adam receives a strange phonecall from an old friend, he and Eve find themselves investigating a ruthless murder at a manor in North Yorkshire. The victim, Stephen Pengelly, was not well-liked, and there seem to have been plenty of people happy to see him out of the picture – but which of them had most to gain from Pengelly’s demise?

As they delve deeper into the case, Adam and Eve unearth more dastardly deeds as ancient legends come unexpectedly to life – and death . . .

Audio available 2nd October 2021


Vanishing Act

In 1965, Northern Lights were the next big thing in the music world. They could’ve been as huge as The Beatles – but one night their lead singer and creative force, Gerry Crowther, suddenly disappeared without trace.

Now it’s nearly twenty years later. There are new stars on the pop scene, including teen sensation Trudi Bell. When Trudi’s manager is offered a song for her new album, he’s convinced that the performer on the demo tape is none other than Gerry Crowther. Sure that there’s more to it than just musical similarities, he enlists Adam and Eve’s help in finding the truth.
But some people don’t want the truth to come out…

Audio available 2nd September 2021

THE KAISER’S GOLD September 2014

The Kaiser's Gold

Babes in the wood, babes in the wood, who will be next to be covered in blood?’ For generations, the children of Rowandale have recited that grim rhyme. Now those sinister words are becoming a stark reality …

The last of the influential Latimer family has died and the estate is in dispute. Racehorse trainer Barbara Lewis stands to inherit the prized Latimer racing stables, but not everyone’s happy about that …

When Barbara’s friend Eve Samuels goes to visit her, an intruder is discovered in the stables. The seemingly trivial incident sparks a spiralling chain of intrigue, violence, and murder. Barbara’s ex-husband is found stabbed to death and she is chief suspect – along with a mysterious man who has recently been seen in the area. The local detectives are so inept that Eve and her boyfriend, Adam Bailey, investigate. Are the murders random acts of a deranged psychopath, or are more sinister forces at work?

Audio available 5th August 2021


Silent as the Grave web version

When former journalist Adam Bailey agrees to spend Christmas at ancient Mulgrave Castle, he knows there is an ulterior motive behind the invitation. His old flame, Harriet, and her husband, Sir Anthony Rowe, want Adam to investigate the legend of an old family curse – a curse said to have claimed several victims, and which may be due to strike again . . .

Soon, heavy snow cuts off the castle from the outside world and the guests become aware that the curse has indeed claimed a new victim – but how? Adam, aided by Harriet’s feisty sister Eve, seeks to discover if the death is linked to the mysterious disappearances that have occurred over the centuries. Is there the usual foul play afoot – or is someone powerless to resist the force of a far older evil?

Audio available 1st July 2021

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