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General Fiction


LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING  July 2015                                                                                                                 Three romances with a twist.

Love Changes Everything revised

Nobody Does It Better

Following his wife’s tragic death, Nick Foster struggles with his grief as he brings up his young daughter. Then he receives a shocking message. Is it the work of a sick prankster? Nick’s world is about to be turned upside down, but will he find peace of mind?

I Can’t Stop Loving You
Private investigator Paul Fletcher met Ginny Long in Ibiza when they were teenagers; they fell in love, an innocent holiday romance. Twelve years later Ginny reappears, begging Paul for help. Is she really in the danger she fears? Or has she an ulterior motive?

Just One Look
The sole occupant of the isolation wing at a hospital in Cumbria is known only as Patient Fifteen. As he recovers, he learns that he is an expendable decoy in a deadly game of cat and mouse. He has only one ally, a girl with beautiful eyes – but can he trust her? Or is she part of the conspiracy?


WISHING ON A STAR: – a seasonal collection of short stories. Kindle Edition                                        Published by Accent Press.  November 2014

Wishing on a Star


With some brilliant short stories from best-selling authors, there’s something for everyone: Yuletide laughs from Christina Jones and Tricia Maw, an Edwardian Advent from Caroline Dunford, some Christmas criminality from Bill Kitson and Marsali Taylor, and heart-warming episodes from Jane Wenham-Jones, Jane Risdon, and Jane Jackson, ’tis the season for jolly good reading!



SHIVER: – Published by Accent Press. Kindle Edition. October 2014                                                                A selection of spooky, scintillating, and scary stories from some of Accent Press’s best-loved authors.


Featuring gruesome crime from Bill Kitson and Andrea Frazer, a frighteningly modern fairy tale from Helena Fairfax, ghostly goings-on from Christina Jones, David Rogers, Jane Risdon, Marie Laval, and Tricia Maw, a twisted take on a national pastime from Cara Cooper, and the supernatural side of reality TV from Caroline Dunford.




A CASE OF CRIME: – A brilliant new crime collection. Kindle Edition. June 2014                                   Perfect summer crime reading collection by Accent Press featuring six popular crime authors.

A Case of CrimeNo Second Chance by Bill Kitson … also available as a stand-alone.

DS Kate Jackson is distraught when a sure-fire prosecution case against a celebrity accused of rape breaks down. The failed prosecution is an excuse for her superiors to move Kate to another police force, where, putting the past behind her, she successfully rebuilds her career. Then the celebrity who was acquitted all those years ago is found dead on Kate’s beat – and, suddenly, she finds herself under suspicion of murder …


FLOWERS ON MY GRAVE: – Kindle Edition. March 2013

Flowers on my Grave cover


Do you believe in ghosts? Not many people do, but sometimes – just sometimes, something happens that can be a little too strange, a little too much of a coincidence to be simply explained away. Here are eleven stories that pose the question …..What if?

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