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Missed Me?

You may have wondered where I’ve been as it isn’t my usual holiday time, but I’ve been away for Easter. Not the UK Easter, but for the Greek Orthodox Easter in the little fishing village in Crete I call my second home. It is a long way to travel but the festival is as much celebrated by the Greeks as our Christmas, from the church service, to the bonfire on the beach with the burning of Judas and fireworks. (Think 5th November by the sea!)

On a more sombre note, the village has suffered sad losses over the winter, two older gentlemen who were well respected members of the community, and another younger family man from a nearby village. We wanted to pay our respects, which gave us another reason to be there.

 There’s snow on them there hills !

On our outward journey there was still thick snow on the mountains and we heard of the destruction caused by the harsh winter weather. Landslips, roads damaged and bridges washed away and no ferries. On our arrival everyone was still trying to set-up for the season, but did we care? No, because this is the Cretan way of life … it will get done … eventually. And it did.


1st floor terrace – sea level

We enjoyed our stay and almost ended up staying longer. The sirocco brought the sand, then the wind brought the high seas, again causing the ferry to remain in harbour for five days. The fact that there are no roads to the village causes problems but, sadly for us, the ferry resumed sailing on the day we were leaving and we headed home.

This was one occasion when I got very little work done but I don’t get off that lightly, we’ll be taking our annual holiday there later in the year.

In the meantime, there are exciting things afoot! You may be asking why I’ve been quiet on the publishing front. Well, there is a reason and on that note all I can say is … watch this space!!

Go to Greece for 99p

In the post this week I received a calendar, nothing wrong with that, everyone needs a calendar. But this one is special … it’s from my friends at ELEPAP in Crete. For those of you who are unaware, two years ago I published one of my Greek Island Romances, The Fountain of Daphne, in support of this worthwhile charity that helps to rehabilitate disabled children and young adults. When the charity lost government funding due to the country’s economic crisis I decided to help. All royalties either download or paperback are paid directly to ELEPAP. For full details see

I shall soon be visiting Crete and the in-house editor is downloading her volume requirement of reading matter, and with Easter approaching this prompted me to enable everyone to visit Greece. For seven days from 31st March The Fountain of Daphne will be available on Amazon UK for the princely sum of 99p. On at the same time, for three days it will be 99 cents, $1.99 for three days and then revert to $2.99 on the seventh. So while reading over the Easter break, you can also help a very worthy cause.


There’s been a minor hitch. When I decided to support ELEPAP, the rehabilitation charity for disabled children and young adults in Greece, I arranged that all royalties from The Fountain of Daphne, either digital or paperback, are paid directly to the charity and not to me. To do so, I had to set-up a separate account but unfortunately the book did not appear on my Bill Kitson book listing on Amazon, although it did appear on my Author Page. All to do with technical jargon — and a complete mystery to me!

It’s taken some sorting out with Amazon customer services and at last the issue has been resolved. The title is now easier to find and I hope that the charity will benefit.    Click on the image for a direct link.


Three days off!

I didn’t intend to take a break over the holidays other than on Christmas day … when you’re on a roll you keep going! However, I did take three unexpected and very enjoyable days off when our granddaughter asked if we could babysit (or should that be doggy-sit?) Millie, her lovable Bichon Frise cross: we were delighted to oblige.

Sadly Millie has now returned home and although I have regained my chair, I have lost my tiny shadow that followed me when I moved from room to room. There’s no clicking of claws on the kitchen tiles and my wife is now complaining she’s lost her foot warmer and her feet are cold. I’ve returned to writing … but it’s very quiet.

Normal Service Has Been Resumed

It’s taken two years of strife in the turmoil of the housing market before I can say at long last normal service has been resumed. At this time of year reflections are usually on the past twelve months, but in our family’s case it’s twenty-four. Two years since we realised we had bought an unsuitable property, during which time we had buyers backing out, resulting in the loss of our ideal property thus causing a major renovation project on another. Two years, when I somehow managed to keep writing. But the good news this Christmas is that at last all the renovation work is finished and barring a few ‘touch ups’ we’re done.

It’s been a long road but now I can concentrate on future projects: more Nash thrillers, more Greek Island Romances, and hopefully more Eden House Mysteries with Accent Press as Harlequin have bought the North American rights to the first in the series, Silent as The Grave.

And don’t forget, as Christmas is a time for giving, there’s always The Fountain of Daphne, with all royalties going to ELEPAP, the wonderful Greek charity helping disabled children.

May I wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and a good read in 2019.

One down; one to go

The latest Greek Island Romance The Orange Grove has now been published in both paperback and on Kindle. And while I try and keep juggling other titles in the air, I hope that those romantics amongst you will enjoy it. Meanwhile, I’ll stay at the laptop and just keep going as I haven’t forgotten the crime readers.

Wheels in motion

While I’ve been away on holiday my proof-reader has been very busy. This week The Orange Grove, the latest Greek Island Romance, should go into production and I can continue working on my next DI Mike Nash thriller; not number eleven as you might expect, but number twelve, Chain Reaction.

Number eleven, Heartless, is being proofed and there is still the cover design to complete. But who knows, if you’re lucky, the paperback might just end up in your Christmas stocking.

An Inspiring Review

The reason I write is to tell a story that I hope readers will enjoy. No ulterior motive; it’s certainly not to make a fortune enabling me to buy a yacht, or to live on some exotic isle! What surprises me is that my books get reviews, not just reader’s opinions, which are of course subjective, and welcome, on sites such as Amazon, but that professional reviewers enjoy them. I have just returned from what we felt was a well-earned break in our favourite Cretan village to find another excellent review for Running Scared, the latest DI Mike Nash Thriller, on

   Courtesy of AMW

Titles are offered to reviewers and sent if requested. Some will read and publish, others are never to be seen. But I am grateful to those who do. The confidence they show in my work and the feedback from readers is the encouragement for me to continue. I met Andy, a crime aficionado and avid collector of first editions, at my very first book signing. It was pouring with rain on a cold and miserable day, but he wanted a copy. I have bumped into him at events and was delighted when he began to put his expertise to use as a reviewer, even more so when he agreed to look at mine. I wish him well with his venture.

Now we are home, it’s back to work, not that I didn’t work in the sunshine, my alter-ego, William Gordon, always does. I have three titles in three series all in progress and should soon have news to impart — so watch this space.

New Friends and New Readers

You could say that after the trauma of two house moves I’m truly back at work. In June and August I was invited as speaker to two events, which I’m delighted to say went very well. At the first, the local branch of the WI in Kilham  (appropriately named for me!) I extolled the virtue of e-readers where any book, not available in a Large Print version could have the font enlarged, opening a wider range for the reader …. only to find that the majority of my audience already knew and had one!

At the second, The Melbourne Countrywomen’s Association, having mentioned the next Greek Island Romance, The Orange Grove, was nearing completion, I left with an order for a signed copy of the, as yet unedited, book clutching the payment and purchaser’s address.

I enjoyed both my visits, chatted with lots of interesting people, men as well as women, and as a treat I took the in-house editor with me … she doesn’t get out much!

All work and no play

Back in May I noted that my in-house editor was obviously bored. Having already revised my DI Mike Nash novella, she was threatening to do the same with Byland Crescent, a family saga covering one hundred years of a family’s lives.

I was right – and she did!

Both Book One and Book Two, Requiem and Renaissance have been overhauled. They were my earlier attempts at trying the independent route in both paperback and Kindle, writing as William Gordon. And although the reviews were fantastic, the ‘editor’ felt there was room for improvement. This of course meant more work for me, as I then had to agree with all the changes – as with any publisher.

Then, she decided the cover wasn’t right … more work, but for her, not me.                  I have to say I am delighted with the outcome of these second editions.

As the original paperbacks were though a different company, the original black and white cover is shown on Amazon until it is opened and the viewer is then directed to the new version.

Meanwhile, I have returned to my current project, the next Greek Island Romance, knowing full well that I now have to complete the third book of the saga, Retribution, or her hard work will have been for nothing … and then there’s books four and five! But Nash fans needn’t worry, the next thriller is in draft format.

It’s very quiet. I just wonder what she’s up to today…