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Mike Nash #10

For those of you who have contacted me to ask when the next DI Mike Nash book would be available … well here it is!

Running Scared, re-released with the original title by Joffe Books. Now on Amazon for 99p to download, with the paperback following soon.

Thank you all for your support, and I hope it’s been worth the wait. Enjoy!

A Summer Read?

It might have to be a stay-cation this year, but you may still need a book to read.

Fancy some foreign romance?

My Greek Island Romances written by my alter-ego, William Gordon, include four books in support of ELEPAP, the children’s charity I support in Chania Crete. The latest is a trilogy, The Shepherd’s Lodge, set in the mountains, telling the story of three generations of the same family.

All royalties from these books, either Download or Paperback are paid directly to the charity and will continue to do so for many years after I am gone.

Book 3 for ELEPAP

The final book, The Shepherd’s Lodge, 3rd Generation: Lemonia, written by my alter-ego William Gordon as part of my Greek Island Romances, is now available on Amazon as a download for £1.99, or in paperback for £5.99.

All royalties from this trilogy are paid directly to ELEPAP, the wonderful charity in Chania, Crete,  helping disabled children through to adulthood, that I support. This will continue in perpetuity.

If you want to know more about ELEPAP, look at the website and see the marvellous work they do. Alternatively, read my blog  If you don’t read romance books, or you just buy and not even read the book, that’s fine by me –  but just remember that by purely downloading a copy you’re helping these very brave children.

No longer a ‘Picture of Innocence’

I am delighted to say that today there is another DI Mike Nash re-issue. Now we have Hide & Seek from Joffe Books previously released as Picture of Innocence. Available for now at only 99p, with the paperback to follow soon.

Another Nash Coming Soon

Here’s the new cover for the next DI Mike Nash re-issue soon to be released by Joffe Books . Hide & Seek was previously published as Picture of Innocence.

For my patient readers waiting anxiously for a brand new title, there are only two more on my backlist to be released before my new, previously unpublished, work will be available.

And I for one am just as excited as you are!

And another one bites the dust!

If you’re running out of thrillers to read, then Joffe Books are trying their best to keep you occupied. Book eight in the DI Mike Nash series. Dead and Gone has just been re-released, this time with a great new cover but without a change in the title.

Available in the Kindle store at 99p, the paperback will follow soon and there are still more to come.




ELEPAP needs our help

In previous posts I have mentioned the Greek children’s charity ELEPAP which I support. To do this, my alter ego William Gordon writes some of my Greek Island Romances on their behalf and all the royalties go directly to them, not to me. The first, The Fountain of Daphne, was released in February 2017, and last month part one of a trilogy set in a Shepherd’s Mitato, high in the hills was published. The second part The Shepherd’s Lodge, 2nd Generation: Chloe is due out soon.

Normally ELEPAP would hold events to raise much needed funds and there are many sponsors, but in the current climate they need our help. £1.99 for an eBook gives £1.13, or in euros, €2.99 yields €1.70, not a lot to pay — and who knows a little light reading might pass some time for you. In fact, you don’t have to read it! Just download it and help a worthwhile charity. To be even more charitable, you could buy the paperback for £5.99!!

If you do, then I thank you, not for myself but on behalf of those very special children with their happy smiling faces.

A Degree of Hope

Although my planned return to Crete, the island I regard as my second home, is not scheduled until late this year, as the virus pandemic increases that trip seems less and less likely to happen. My regret at missing the chance to see the beautiful island and to meet up with my many friends there is offset somewhat by the pleasure that comes from my most recent writing project.

Many of you will be aware that for over three years I have supported ELEPAP, the centre for the rehabilitation of disabled children and young adults in Chania, northern Crete, with all royalties from The Fountain of Daphne, one of my Greek Island Romances, going in their entirety to the charity. I was conscious that whatever I achieved would be insufficient to repay all the kindness and hospitality I have received over the many years I have visited the island.

Now in the current climate of lockdown, ELEPAP has been forced to close temporarily; the risk to many of their brave children from the coronavirus is far too great, and fund raisers and events have been cancelled. So I decided the first book of a planned trilogy written as William Gordon specifically to support ELEPAP, should be released earlier than planned. The Shepherd’s Lodge, 1st Generation, Anastasia, Intended as a holiday read – can be read anywhere! Part two will be released at the end of April.

Again, all royalties for all three titles will be paid directly to the charity and these proceeds will be theirs perpetually. So, if in the future someone buys any of them in any format, the charity will continue to benefit long after I am gone – and I’m not planning on going anywhere yet! For an insight into the charity check out my blog ‘George’ 22nd October 2016 or

Buying or downloading these titles will enable you to contribute to this worthy cause. I hope you will enjoy the books, but this is of secondary consideration. Your support is the overriding factor, and for this I thank you most sincerely.



Blood Diamond

A few weeks ago I spent a very pleasant afternoon with some delightful ladies. I was at Market Weighton and had been invited to speak to the members of Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association.

First published as Buried in the Past

During the Q&A I was asked to clarify why some of my DI Mike Nash series titles were visible online but unavailable to download. I explained that my new publisher Joffe Books, who had acquired the series backlist, is reissuing them all with fresh covers and new titles and this will take time. However, there are still some hardback copies available online and perhaps in bookstores, but these are the originals.

Aware that readers might share their bewilderment, I felt it important to spell out the situation. Meanwhile, I can assure my readers there are some new, and as yet unpublished, titles to come – but I’m afraid you’ll just have to be patient.

But for now, I am delighted to tell you that Blood Diamond, the seventh in the series, originally published as Buried in the Past, has been released ready for download and the paperback should be online in a few days’ time.

Although the plot is totally fictional, one element of it stems from my speculation over a real-life mystery; the murder of a woman as yet unidentified, and whose death remains unsolved even after thirty years.

Coming Soon

William Gordon, my alter-ego, is at it again. He’s responsible for the Greek Island Romances and one of those earlier titles was used to help ELEPAP, the Greek children’s charity in Chania, Crete, which I support. Now there are to be three more books, all centred round a mitato, a shepherd’s lodge, high in the hills.

All royalties from Downloads or Paperback will again be paid directly to ELEPAP.

He tells me the first, Anastasia, is nearly ready — so watch this space.