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Not my book!

I remember the support and advice I was given from other authors over a number of years before my first book was published back in 2009. It isn’t easy to get an agent, let alone a publisher on board, and many are taking the independent route with their work. I have several readers who check my supposed finished work for sense and credibility (and often point out the mistakes) before submitting to my publisher. I am delighted to support one of them, Wendy McPhee, who, having spent most of her free-time reading my work, has managed to finish her second book,  Chasing Blue Skies, now available on Amazon. I think it could make a good stocking filler — along with any of mine of course!

I wish her every success.

New Book in US and Canada


Geat news for my readers in US and Canada. The first of the Eden House Mysteries, Silent as the Grave, was released yesterday by Harlequin Publishers in what we would call a paperback pocket edition. To say this has been quite a few weeks for me is cetainly true — Five books released in two months. Four DI Mike Nash with Joffe Books and now this … and many more to come!

International Reviews

Every author wants to know that they have achieved their objective; to tell a good story and entertain their readers. This is why reviews offer the reader the oportunity to let the author and other readers know what they think. And, being aware that you cannot please all the people all the time, I am delighted with the reaction to the republished DI MIke Nash series by Joffe Books.

Below are a sample taken from four different countries which I would like to share….

Amazon UK: 14 October 2019   (First published as Depth of Despair)

Absolutely Gripping  ….. This must be one of the most exciting books I’ve read. Some of the subject matter was rather concerning but overall this was a detective thriller that I literally couldn’t put down and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Amazon Canada: November 13, 2019  (First published as Chosen)

Excellent roman, bien écrit avec un bon suspense.

(An excellent novel, well written and with great suspense.)

Amazon Australia: 24 October 2019  (First published as Minds That Hate)

Wow what an incredible story thank you. I so loved this book so much suspense and intrigue. I couldn’t put it down and the twists were incredible. Loved the ending it left the question for more. Looking forward to reading more of NASH and I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Amazon US: November 16, 2019  (First published as Altered Egos)

Bloody hell, this book had me totally gripped I could not put it down. The tension builds up then WOW smacks you in the face, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys reading a really great book.

And There’s More….

First published as Altered Egos

Looking for a shocking thriller as a stocking filler?

The fourth of the DI Mike Nash Thriller series, Killing Christmas, re-launched by Joffe Books. Now available to download at the promotional price of 99p or as a paperback.

As one reviewer said… “It’s highly likely to keep you awake, reading long into the night”.

Re-launching DI Mike Nash

I promised to reveal the re-launch of the DI Mike Nash Series by Joffe Books….

And here they are!

All with new covers and revised titles for the promotional price of 99p to download, or £6.99 in paperback.

First published as Depth of Despair.

First published as Chosen.

First published as Minds That Hate.










Re-launching DI Mike Nash

I promised to reveal the re-launch of the DI Mike Nash Series by Joffe Books….

And here they are! All with new covers and revised titles for the promotional price of 99p to download, or £6.99 in paperback.

First published as Depth of Despair.

First published as Chosen.

First published as Minds That Hate.










A Bit More!

Since I blogged ‘An Update’ on 28th June I have been teasing my readers bit by bit with the exciting news that Joffe Books has taken over the rights to my DI Mike Nash series.

Well, here’s another ‘bit’.

I have been contracted for my two independently published titles, Picture of Innocence and Running scared, plus two more as yet unpublished works.

The entire series will be re-launched with new covers and some of the titles modified. The first three will be released very soon and I, for one, can’t wait to see the covers as this new chapter opens.

As soon as I know, then so will you.


A summer read

It’s holiday time. It’s summer, or it is when the rain stops. For those of you taking a pre-brexit break, heading for somewhere with more regular sunshine, then here’s a little something you can take with you; a new Greek Island Romance, For Love of Mata, by my alter-ego William Gordon. Ideal for a quiet time on the beach, the sunbed, or simply your own garden. I’m making up for lost time which has, as regular followers will know, been lost due to house moves and renovation work. There’s plenty in the pipeline and I haven’t forgotten DI Mike Nash. He’s waiting patiently in the wings while my new publisher sets the ball rolling. In the meantime remember there’s always The Fountain of Daphne in support of ELEPAP, the Greek charity I support, who receive all the royalties from the sales.

Reasons to be cheerful (pt. 1, 2, & 3)

Before my publisher Robert Hale Ltd. closed the business on retirement, my DI Mike Nash titles were always sent out for review to Paul Norman at Aware of his preferences, I asked if he would be prepared to review my independently published Byland Crescent Saga. I’m delighted to say he would – and has. I felt this worthy of sharing.

“William Gordon’s Byland Crescent series is a throwback to the heyday of great family sagas, a genre that has never gone away, but in his hands is assured of a bright future, because he is an expert at characterisation. Reminiscent of A Family At War, which dominated our TV in the early 1970s, and to a lesser extent, Downton Abbey, William’s families populate the pages of this and Book Three in a thoroughly believable way, recalling the great days of The Forsyte Saga (not terribly well written), the Whiteoaks series (of which I’m a huge fan), and Poldark, of which there is plenty to read in this issue. I don’t think you’ll find these books in bookshops (I may be wrong) but they’re readily available from outlets such as Amazon, and really, there’s nothing better than to be able to follow the fortunes of families like the Cowgills and the Fishers from one book to the next. William’s Byland Crescent books have everything you would expect, the heartache, the joys, the births and the deaths – beautifully written and a joy to read.”

Along with several other reviewers, Requiem Book One was reviewed by Paul on 31st August 2018 …..

A brilliant opener to Bill’s saga series, with attention to detail and a strongly character-driven narrative that draws you in and takes you by the hand as you get to meet the major players. Faultless historical detail and superb dialogue make this a hugely enjoyable family drama.”





Honey, it’s hot inside

In March 2018 I wrote a blog-post entitled ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’; now conversely, it’s hot inside. Not only are the external temperatures rising but when the lounge reaches 27+ degrees, the bedroom 27+ degrees, and the conservatory … well just don’t go there: 36 degrees in the shade!

I am trying to type, I have twenty-two hand-written A4 pages to transcribe and edit into the computer, but my fingers are sticking to the keys. I’ve cooled down outside on the patio, had my daily treat of an ice cream, yet I’m getting nowhere.

Thankfully, when we were renovating this new home, the ‘in-house editor’ decided we should have a ceiling fan in the bedroom rather that the fitting already chosen. Back we went to the store and exchanged it for a fan. The only issue I have with it is that it makes a whirring noise. It does not compare with the air-conditioning unit we have on holiday in Crete which gently whispers a soothing lullaby. But it does move the air round and enable us to get some sleep.

So, without further ado, having mentioned holidays, I have an idea. I shall go and turn the fan on – and take a siesta.