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A Degree of Hope

Although my planned return to Crete, the island I regard as my second home, is not scheduled until late this year, as the virus pandemic increases that trip seems less and less likely to happen. My regret at missing the chance to see the beautiful island and to meet up with my many friends there is offset somewhat by the pleasure that comes from my most recent writing project.

Many of you will be aware that for over three years I have supported ELEPAP, the centre for the rehabilitation of disabled children and young adults in Chania, northern Crete, with all royalties from The Fountain of Daphne, one of my Greek Island Romances, going in their entirety to the charity. I was conscious that whatever I achieved would be insufficient to repay all the kindness and hospitality I have received over the many years I have visited the island.

Now in the current climate of lockdown, ELEPAP has been forced to close temporarily; the risk to many of their brave children from the coronavirus is far too great, and fund raisers and events have been cancelled. So I decided the first book of a planned trilogy written as William Gordon specifically to support ELEPAP, should be released earlier than planned. The Shepherd’s Lodge, 1st Generation, Anastasia, Intended as a holiday read – can be read anywhere! Part two will be released at the end of April.

Again, all royalties for all three titles will be paid directly to the charity and these proceeds will be theirs perpetually. So, if in the future someone buys any of them in any format, the charity will continue to benefit long after I am gone – and I’m not planning on going anywhere yet! For an insight into the charity check out my blog ‘George’ 22nd October 2016 or

Buying or downloading these titles will enable you to contribute to this worthy cause. I hope you will enjoy the books, but this is of secondary consideration. Your support is the overriding factor, and for this I thank you most sincerely.



Blood Diamond

A few weeks ago I spent a very pleasant afternoon with some delightful ladies. I was at Market Weighton and had been invited to speak to the members of Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association.

First published as Buried in the Past

During the Q&A I was asked to clarify why some of my DI Mike Nash series titles were visible online but unavailable to download. I explained that my new publisher Joffe Books, who had acquired the series backlist, is reissuing them all with fresh covers and new titles and this will take time. However, there are still some hardback copies available online and perhaps in bookstores, but these are the originals.

Aware that readers might share their bewilderment, I felt it important to spell out the situation. Meanwhile, I can assure my readers there are some new, and as yet unpublished, titles to come – but I’m afraid you’ll just have to be patient.

But for now, I am delighted to tell you that Blood Diamond, the seventh in the series, originally published as Buried in the Past, has been released ready for download and the paperback should be online in a few days’ time.

Although the plot is totally fictional, one element of it stems from my speculation over a real-life mystery; the murder of a woman as yet unidentified, and whose death remains unsolved even after thirty years.

Coming Soon

William Gordon, my alter-ego, is at it again. He’s responsible for the Greek Island Romances and one of those earlier titles was used to help ELEPAP, the Greek children’s charity in Chania, Crete, which I support. Now there are to be three more books, all centred round a mitato, a shepherd’s lodge, high in the hills.

All royalties from Downloads or Paperback will again be paid directly to ELEPAP.

He tells me the first, Anastasia, is nearly ready — so watch this space.

Another Nash! Alone With a Killer

First published as Identity Crisis


The sixth reissued DI Mike Nash thriller, Alone With a Killer, is now available on Amazon. Joffe Books has released what was originally published as Identity Crisis today. For those who have been reading the series, I hope you enjoy it. And a big thank you to the staff at Joffe Books for the faith they have shown in my work.

Slash Killer

First published as Back-Slash

Number 5, in the DI Mike Nash Series, Slash Killer, originally Back-Slash is out now, re-issued by

Andrew Myers was wrongly convicted of killing his wife by slashing her throat. Finally freed, but not exonerated, he just wants a quiet life far from where the tragedy happened. He goes to work as a forester on an isolated estate in Yorkshire. But then a killer with the same trademark starts claiming new victims, and in the same area where Andrew has moved.

Andrew has a terrible chainsaw accident while cutting trees. He manages to staunch the bleeding while he drives himself to hospital. His erratic control of his car attracts a policewoman, Lisa Andrews, to stop and help him. But she soon finds out there is more to him than just a hermit-like forester living in the woods. Is he a callous murderer? Is he now taking a terrible revenge on those who wronged him? Or, does the truth lie elsewhere?

With resources decimated by a flu epidemic, Detective Mike Nash is forced to use unorthodox tactics to expose a web of corruption and deceit spanning the years.

Can Mike Nash stop a serial killer or has he got the murderer in his sights already?

Coming Soon

The next eagerly awaited re-issue in the DI Mike Nash Series is coming soon from

And here’s the cover of what was originally released as Back-Slash.

Oh, What a year!

It’s that time of year again when we reflect on the old and look forward to the new.

2019 has been a very interesting year where my work is concerned; 7 books released in one year!  My alter ego, William Gordon, released a Greek Island Romance, For Love of Mata, and also book three of the Byland Crescent Saga, Retribution. Harlequin did a pocket edition of Silent as the Grave, and I’m sure I don’t need to mention the re-launch by Joffe Books of the first four of the DI Mike Nash series. All in all, a very good year – and I’m pleased to say there’s a lot more to come in 2020.  I’m currently writing another Nash and at the same time my in-house editor is working on a trilogy set in the Greek mountains for release next year.

So I want to thank all my readers for their support in buying the paperbacks or downloading my books and giving me the incentive to continue. And while we’re on the subject, can I remind everyone that all royalties from The Fountain of Daphne are paid directly to ELEPAP, the Greek children’s charity I support, and not to me. If romance isn’t your preference, then you don’t have to read it – Just download it or give the book as a gift!!

May I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, a Happy and a well read 2020.

Not my book!

I remember the support and advice I was given from other authors over a number of years before my first book was published back in 2009. It isn’t easy to get an agent, let alone a publisher on board, and many are taking the independent route with their work. I have several readers who check my supposed finished work for sense and credibility (and often point out the mistakes) before submitting to my publisher. I am delighted to support one of them, Wendy McPhee, who, having spent most of her free-time reading my work, has managed to finish her second book,  Chasing Blue Skies, now available on Amazon. I think it could make a good stocking filler — along with any of mine of course!

I wish her every success.

New Book in US and Canada


Geat news for my readers in US and Canada. The first of the Eden House Mysteries, Silent as the Grave, was released yesterday by Harlequin Publishers in what we would call a paperback pocket edition. To say this has been quite a few weeks for me is cetainly true — Five books released in two months. Four DI Mike Nash with Joffe Books and now this … and many more to come!

International Reviews

Every author wants to know that they have achieved their objective; to tell a good story and entertain their readers. This is why reviews offer the reader the oportunity to let the author and other readers know what they think. And, being aware that you cannot please all the people all the time, I am delighted with the reaction to the republished DI MIke Nash series by Joffe Books.

Below are a sample taken from four different countries which I would like to share….

Amazon UK: 14 October 2019   (First published as Depth of Despair)

Absolutely Gripping  ….. This must be one of the most exciting books I’ve read. Some of the subject matter was rather concerning but overall this was a detective thriller that I literally couldn’t put down and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Amazon Canada: November 13, 2019  (First published as Chosen)

Excellent roman, bien écrit avec un bon suspense.

(An excellent novel, well written and with great suspense.)

Amazon Australia: 24 October 2019  (First published as Minds That Hate)

Wow what an incredible story thank you. I so loved this book so much suspense and intrigue. I couldn’t put it down and the twists were incredible. Loved the ending it left the question for more. Looking forward to reading more of NASH and I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Amazon US: November 16, 2019  (First published as Altered Egos)

Bloody hell, this book had me totally gripped I could not put it down. The tension builds up then WOW smacks you in the face, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys reading a really great book.