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The Cowgill Family Saga

Brothers and Sisters of Byland Crescent.

Joffe Books, Dec 2021

Originally published as REQUIEM June 2012 (Book One)

Requiem Kindle Coverbook-1When successful businessman Albert Cowgill and his family move into Byland Crescent, in the genteel resort of Scarborough, it seems the culmination of his boyhood ambitions. Having battled from extreme poverty to affluence he could scarcely have imagined, Albert expected the lifestyle would continue, a hope shared by his business partners. However, fuelled by tragedy and misunderstandings and betrayed by their own passionate character, discord within the family causes irreparable divisions that reverberate through their business and far beyond.

Events elsewhere stoke the fires of international confrontation, and soon, their comfortable existence will be destroyed in a maelstrom of violence the like of which has never been seen before. As World War 1 looms, they are unaware that it will signal a requiem for a generation.

2012 B.R.A.G. MedallionTM  Honoree.


Storm Clouds over Byland Crescent

Joffe Books, Jan 2022

 Originally published as RENAISSANCE February 2013 (Book Two)

B Cres Ren revised

Book 2 The First World War is over and people must attempt to come to terms with their losses and learn to cope with the changing times and a radically different environment. Improved communication, radio and air travel all increase the pace of life. Along with these come new challenges to test the character of the new generation.

In Byland Crescent, and in Australia, younger members of the Cowgill and Fisher families find love and happiness, and attempts are made to heal past differences. However, for some, their very existence will be endangered as they prepare to face an even greater threat, the gathering storm of another conflict.





Coming Home to Byland Crescent

Joffe Books, February 2022

Originally published as RETRIBUTION June 2019 (Book 3)

In the post-war years of austerity, the Cowgill family in Britain, and the Fishers in Australia, are left to count the cost as they mourn the loss of loved ones. As life struggles to return to normality there are fresh challenges to face, new battles to be fought; both personal and business as they attempt to rebuild their lives from the desolation of war. The younger generation greets the new era, but as difficult situations arise, rash judgements and hasty words lead to far reaching and divisive decisions. For some, life will never be the same again. And for a few, there will be tragedies as potent and heartbreaking as any faced in wartime.

Even as they come to terms with terrible personal losses, there is hope. Hope, that with a new generation fired by enthusiasm and spurred on by love, there will be a future.

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