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DI Mike Nash Books


Some families have more skeletons in the closet than others . . .

The body of a woman tied to a chair is found in a crumbling old cottage in the Yorkshire moors. She’s been dead a long time.
Detective Mike Nash investigates and soon uncovers a second body. Trapped in the well in the garden.
Then Nash’s team makes an even more grisly discovery. How many more skeletons are hidden in this tumbledown old cottage?
The suspicious death of the solicitor dealing with the property turns this cold-case investigation into an active hunt for a murderer.
Someone is killing to keep their secrets from coming to light. Detective Mike Nash must track them down before they kill again.


A pregnant woman is knocked down by a couple in a car. They don’t stop. Nearby, a man films the whole thing. He stands there smiling.

Months later, Detective Mike Nash is called out to the local cemetery. A naked body has been found — a body which definitely shouldn’t be there — placed face down on a grave.
The post-mortem reveals that the victim was restrained with manacles, and then drowned, his body kept upside-down for several days after death. The dead man was Andrew Derrick. Quiet, well-mannered, he kept himself to himself. Who would want to kill him? Then a second body, a drug dealer, turns up in the cemetery, killed in the same macabre way.

What connects them? DI Nash pieces the clues together . . . and finds himself on the trail of a ruthless killer with a deadly agenda.

CUT-THROAT November 2021

A violent murderer has escaped from Felling Prison.
Craig French slit the throats of a husband and wife and stole the luxury watches from their safe. But not before slicing the letter F into their foreheads.
Now he’s on the loose.

But French’s mother says that he wasn’t fit to stand trial — he had amnesia and couldn’t even recognize his own mum.
Mike Nash is not convinced either. But he is certain of one thing: there’s a dangerous killer out there somewhere. And whoever it is must be stopped.


January 2021

A box-set of the first five DI Mike Nash books


Two severed fingers are discovered by workmen at the Boar’s Head hotel.
It looks like they’ve been there some time . . .

Detective Mike Nash must find out what grisly goings-on took place at the ivy-clad, upmarket hotel on the Harland Estate.


Then local women start going missing, and the heat is on for Nash and his team.
Who is terrorizing this quiet market town?


New Release

Four victims.
Four murders.
No connection.
Except their hearts have all been removed.

Detective Mike Nash races against time to find a link between these grisly crimes. Who is wreaking a trail of destruction and what do they want to prove? There is one more victim to go . . .


Originally published in June 2018

With DI Mike Nash away on compassionate leave, DS Clara Mironova and the Helmsdale team are faced with a sudden and dramatic increase in crime. Minor offences ranging from theft, shoplifting, and poaching, pale into significance when a violent turf war breaks out between rival gangs of drugs suppliers.

Within weeks the detectives have to cope with three murders, including the shooting of a police officer. As they struggle to investigate the killings, a batch of deliberately contaminated heroin hits the streets, resulting in the deaths of three addicts and causing panic in the media.

The breathless speed of events puts the entire region on high alert. The detectives must capture the drug barons, break up their supply networks, solve the murders – and thwart the criminal mastermind before he can realize his ultimate ambition.

HIDE & SEEK June 2020

Originally published as PICTURE OF INNOCENCE November 2017

piWhile visiting Madrid on a stag weekend, DI Mike Nash foils an attack on a young Spanish landscape painter. He returns home, puzzled by the fact there seems to be no motive behind the assault – unless it is connected to the recent murder of the girl’s father.

After surviving two further attempts on her life the artist flees to England where she seeks shelter with Nash. As he attempts to uncover the truth behind the attacks and her mysterious past, Nash confronts a web of evil that is more potent now than in previous years – and as he unravels the mystery he is faced with a crime more sinister and horrifying than he has ever encountered before.

DEAD AND GONE  April 2020

Originally published in May 2015

Dead and GoneDean Wilson knows any relationship with Naomi Macaulay is doomed. Her family are Wilson Macaulay Industries, founders of Bishopton Investment Group. His sister, Linda, was the Group’s financial director until she vanished four years ago, around the same time as millions of pounds of investors’ money disappeared, and the Group collapsed amidst claims of fraud and embezzlement. When Dean is charged with assault, DI Mike Nash’s enquiries cause him to reopen the fraud case. Events quickly begin to escalate, and soon Nash has several murder investigations on his hands.

Meanwhile Helmsdale police are being swamped with complaints about email scams. Nash needs help – computer analyst, Tina Silver, is brought in to help examine the software. Connections to executives of Wilson Macaulay Industries begin to emerge. With the body count rising and forensic resources stretched, Nash realizes he may be dealing with fraud of larger proportions than he ever could have imagined. Can Nash and his team solve the case before any more lives are taken and the security risks bring down the whole company? After an independent auditor vanishes, Nash and his colleagues must determine who is guilty, who is innocent, who is dead and who is gone.


Originally published as BURIED IN THE PAST April 2014

Buried in the Past web version

When a consignment of illicit diamonds en route to London vanishes, together with the couriers, it isn’t long before East End gangster Max Perry is found dead, having suffered horrific torture. Accused of killing a rival, Max’s nephew, Ray, is sentenced to life in prison. He is released twenty-five years later and heading for Helmsdale when Ray is the victim of a hit and run, and D.I. Mike Nash is convinced it was no accident. Following the murder of a garage mechanic, Nash discovers a link to an unidentified skeleton found years ago in Helmsdale woodland. How do crimes committed long ago in London connect to the current wave of violence in Helmsdale? As the body count rises, the detectives struggle to keep pace with those who would prefer the truth to remain dead and buried.


Originally published as IDENTITY CRISIS May 2012

Alone in an isolated cottage, a young housewife awaits the arrival of her sister, Jo. Outside, as storms lash the country, Dr Johana Grey struggles to reach the house, but when she does, she finds it deserted, in darkness.

With Mike Nash on leave, DS Mironova leads the investigation. The woman’s husband cannot be accounted for. Is he responsible, or has she been abducted by the sadistic serial killer nicknamed  the Cremator?

SLASH KILLER January 2020

Originally published as BACK-SLASH October 2011

What is the secret of the forester living a hermit-like existence in the remotest part of the Winfield Estate? Is he a callous murderer? Is he now taking a terrible revenge on those who wronged him? Or, does the truth lie elsewhere? A ruthless killer is on the rampage, one with a distinctive trademark. With resources decimated by a flu epidemic, Mike Nash is forced to use unorthodox tactics to expose a web of corruption and deceit spanning the years. Evidence all seems to point to an inevitable conclusion, but will Mike be able to uncover the truth, and can he do so before it is too late for all concerned – be they innocent or guilty?


Originally published as ALTERED EGOS March 2011

When you take an ordinary man and train him to kill, he becomes dangerous. When his mind is clouded by drugs, he becomes unstable. When he loses everything he loves, he becomes a lethal killing machine. DI Mike Nash investigates a suspicious house fire, the bizarre murder of a young drug addict and the disappearance of a scientist’s daughter. When animal right activists lay siege to a laboratory that is later destroyed, Nash and his colleagues are almost overwhelmed by the upsurge in violence. Their enquiries point to a man with a burning desire for revenge. But is he responsible? Or, are more sinister forces at work? Nash has to penetrate a cloak of secrecy to establish the truth.


Originally published as MINDS THAT HATE May 2010

Everyone knew Gary Vickers was guilty – the evidence was overwhelming. Convicted of the rape and murder of his lover’s daughter, he is now due for release from prison. Against all advice, he insists on returning to Helmsdale, where it falls upon Mike Nash to protect him. But Nash has other, more pressing worries…With extremist politicians fanning racial hatred and provoking attacks on migrant workers, Nash has to prevent an explosive situation from boiling over into civil unrest. During such fraught times, Nash’s small team of detectives has little time to spare for convicted sex attacker Vickers. But as Nash becomes acquainted with the facts, doubts start to grow about Vickers’ conviction. Proving him innocent will be difficult enough…but keeping him alive until they find the truth may well be impossible.


Originally published as CHOSEN January 2010

How do you solve a crime when there’s no evidence one has been committed? When Sarah Kelly fails to return from a night out, DI Mike Nash can only speculate, until a chance remark causes him to look deeper into other cases; girls who have vanished without trace. Nash spots chilling similarities: no bodies, no witnesses, all disappearances explained away. While investigating seemingly unconnected crimes, Nash strives to come to grips with the psyche of a most unusual serial killer. He needs to find a solution and fast as two more women vanish, making it personal and potentially fatal; both for Nash and for the women who have been chosen…


Originally published as DEPTH OF DESPAIR August 2009

When two skeletons are discovered from Lamentation Tarn, talented detective Mike Nash and his team have little evidence with which to work, until a surprising discovery prompts them to contact law enforcement agencies in Eastern Europe. A joint task force is formed to uncover a criminal network involved in prostitution, drugs and human trafficking, but Nash’s preoccupation with internal politics, as well as with an attractive Russian detective, proves to be a distraction. Finally, a young victim escapes the gang’s clutches, providing Nash with much-needed evidence. A search of the neighbouring tarn yields further corpses and reveals an even more heinous crime. Two more bloody encounters must occur before the criminals are brought to bitter justice.


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