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No rest for the wicked!

September 28, 2021

It’s been a busy week. The next DI Mike Nash thriller, #14, has just been sent to my publisher, Joffe books and I could relax, but no — the thought process never stops. So now I’m typing the opening of #16. What happened to #15? That’s waiting for the in-house editor to start criticising it! To be fair, she has been busy. This year she has moved all my Greek Island Romances, and other independently published books, with revised content and new covers, to ELEPAP, the Greek charity for disabled children I support. So along with editing/formatting #14, plus all the household things she does, I can’t blame her.

We should be on holiday, but I question if we had the time to go? The next Eden House Mystery, Flesh and Blood, is due out in Audio on 7 October from Headline Publishing. The next Nash, Cut-throat, in eBook and paperback, is on 18 October, and Joffe Books are also to re-release my Byland Crescent saga on 15 November. I’m also waiting to hear the release date for Mike Nash in Audio . . . it could get busier!

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