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A Bit of disappointment – or is that Bitter?

August 17, 2021

For the second year, I have just cancelled our annual holiday. To say we are disappointed is an understatement, but taking all aspects in to consideration decided, for us, this was a sensible action. So what to do with the days?

Well, I do have an edit due back from the publisher of the next DI Mike Nash Thriller any day now, and that will occupy me. (If you want to know the title and release date you’ll have to watch this space!) Alternatively, the audio version of book three in the Eden House Mysteries, Vanishing Act, will be out soon, I could listen to that.

My one regret is that on holiday I usually begin a Greek Island Romance, written for the charity — it must be something to do with the atmosphere, or the good food, the wine, or the Raki and the excellent company. We will miss all our multi-national friends who share our love of the village, and the villagers themselves who we have known for thirty years. But fingers crossed, there’s always next year. Of course, I could just continue writing the next Nash book, number 16 in the series.

Blimey, it’s just occurred to me that I’m actually too busy to go on Holiday!

  1. Giles Lee permalink

    same here bill just cancelled our trip to sfakia in Crete until next September. Let’s hope things will be better by then! Love to you and Val

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