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Blood Diamond

March 26, 2020

A few weeks ago I spent a very pleasant afternoon with some delightful ladies. I was at Market Weighton and had been invited to speak to the members of Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association.

First published as Buried in the Past

During the Q&A I was asked to clarify why some of my DI Mike Nash series titles were visible online but unavailable to download. I explained that my new publisher Joffe Books, who had acquired the series backlist, is reissuing them all with fresh covers and new titles and this will take time. However, there are still some hardback copies available online and perhaps in bookstores, but these are the originals.

Aware that readers might share their bewilderment, I felt it important to spell out the situation. Meanwhile, I can assure my readers there are some new, and as yet unpublished, titles to come – but I’m afraid you’ll just have to be patient.

But for now, I am delighted to tell you that Blood Diamond, the seventh in the series, originally published as Buried in the Past, has been released ready for download and the paperback should be online in a few days’ time.

Although the plot is totally fictional, one element of it stems from my speculation over a real-life mystery; the murder of a woman as yet unidentified, and whose death remains unsolved even after thirty years.

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