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November 19, 2019

Every author wants to know that they have achieved their objective; to tell a good story and entertain their readers. This is why reviews offer the reader the oportunity to let the author and other readers know what they think. And, being aware that you cannot please all the people all the time, I am delighted with the reaction to the republished DI MIke Nash series by Joffe Books.

Below are a sample taken from four different countries which I would like to share….

Amazon UK: 14 October 2019   (First published as Depth of Despair)

Absolutely Gripping  ….. This must be one of the most exciting books I’ve read. Some of the subject matter was rather concerning but overall this was a detective thriller that I literally couldn’t put down and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Amazon Canada: November 13, 2019  (First published as Chosen)

Excellent roman, bien écrit avec un bon suspense.

(An excellent novel, well written and with great suspense.)

Amazon Australia: 24 October 2019  (First published as Minds That Hate)

Wow what an incredible story thank you. I so loved this book so much suspense and intrigue. I couldn’t put it down and the twists were incredible. Loved the ending it left the question for more. Looking forward to reading more of NASH and I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Amazon US: November 16, 2019  (First published as Altered Egos)

Bloody hell, this book had me totally gripped I could not put it down. The tension builds up then WOW smacks you in the face, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys reading a really great book.

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