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Reasons to be cheerful (pt. 1, 2, & 3)

July 30, 2019

Before my publisher Robert Hale Ltd. closed the business on retirement, my DI Mike Nash titles were always sent out for review to Paul Norman at Aware of his preferences, I asked if he would be prepared to review my independently published Byland Crescent Saga. I’m delighted to say he would – and has. I felt this worthy of sharing.

“William Gordon’s Byland Crescent series is a throwback to the heyday of great family sagas, a genre that has never gone away, but in his hands is assured of a bright future, because he is an expert at characterisation. Reminiscent of A Family At War, which dominated our TV in the early 1970s, and to a lesser extent, Downton Abbey, William’s families populate the pages of this and Book Three in a thoroughly believable way, recalling the great days of The Forsyte Saga (not terribly well written), the Whiteoaks series (of which I’m a huge fan), and Poldark, of which there is plenty to read in this issue. I don’t think you’ll find these books in bookshops (I may be wrong) but they’re readily available from outlets such as Amazon, and really, there’s nothing better than to be able to follow the fortunes of families like the Cowgills and the Fishers from one book to the next. William’s Byland Crescent books have everything you would expect, the heartache, the joys, the births and the deaths – beautifully written and a joy to read.”

Along with several other reviewers, Requiem Book One was reviewed by Paul on 31st August 2018 …..

A brilliant opener to Bill’s saga series, with attention to detail and a strongly character-driven narrative that draws you in and takes you by the hand as you get to meet the major players. Faultless historical detail and superb dialogue make this a hugely enjoyable family drama.”





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  1. travelnwrite permalink

    I would be doing cartwheels of happiness to see some reviewer say such things about that which I write! Congrats!!

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