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Honey, it’s hot inside

July 24, 2019

In March 2018 I wrote a blog-post entitled ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’; now conversely, it’s hot inside. Not only are the external temperatures rising but when the lounge reaches 27+ degrees, the bedroom 27+ degrees, and the conservatory … well just don’t go there: 36 degrees in the shade!

I am trying to type, I have twenty-two hand-written A4 pages to transcribe and edit into the computer, but my fingers are sticking to the keys. I’ve cooled down outside on the patio, had my daily treat of an ice cream, yet I’m getting nowhere.

Thankfully, when we were renovating this new home, the ‘in-house editor’ decided we should have a ceiling fan in the bedroom rather that the fitting already chosen. Back we went to the store and exchanged it for a fan. The only issue I have with it is that it makes a whirring noise. It does not compare with the air-conditioning unit we have on holiday in Crete which gently whispers a soothing lullaby. But it does move the air round and enable us to get some sleep.

So, without further ado, having mentioned holidays, I have an idea. I shall go and turn the fan on – and take a siesta.

From → Bill Kitson, Crete

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