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May 16, 2019

You may have wondered where I’ve been as it isn’t my usual holiday time, but I’ve been away for Easter. Not the UK Easter, but for the Greek Orthodox Easter in the little fishing village in Crete I call my second home. It is a long way to travel but the festival is as much celebrated by the Greeks as our Christmas, from the church service, to the bonfire on the beach with the burning of Judas and fireworks. (Think 5th November by the sea!)

On a more sombre note, the village has suffered sad losses over the winter, two older gentlemen who were well respected members of the community, and another younger family man from a nearby village. We wanted to pay our respects, which gave us another reason to be there.

 There’s snow on them there hills !

On our outward journey there was still thick snow on the mountains and we heard of the destruction caused by the harsh winter weather. Landslips, roads damaged and bridges washed away and no ferries. On our arrival everyone was still trying to set-up for the season, but did we care? No, because this is the Cretan way of life … it will get done … eventually. And it did.


1st floor terrace – sea level

We enjoyed our stay and almost ended up staying longer. The sirocco brought the sand, then the wind brought the high seas, again causing the ferry to remain in harbour for five days. The fact that there are no roads to the village causes problems but, sadly for us, the ferry resumed sailing on the day we were leaving and we headed home.

This was one occasion when I got very little work done but I don’t get off that lightly, we’ll be taking our annual holiday there later in the year.

In the meantime, there are exciting things afoot! You may be asking why I’ve been quiet on the publishing front. Well, there is a reason and on that note all I can say is … watch this space!!

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  1. I’m glad you have had a good holiday, but is Mike Nash on holiday too?I sit in my waiting for God home wondering if I will read about Mike Nash again!!!!!I have read all the Mike Nash books for a second time, so can’t wait for his next book

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