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Three days off!

January 4, 2019

I didn’t intend to take a break over the holidays other than on Christmas day … when you’re on a roll you keep going! However, I did take three unexpected and very enjoyable days off when our granddaughter asked if we could babysit (or should that be doggy-sit?) Millie, her lovable Bichon Frise cross: we were delighted to oblige.

Sadly Millie has now returned home and although I have regained my chair, I have lost my tiny shadow that followed me when I moved from room to room. There’s no clicking of claws on the kitchen tiles and my wife is now complaining she’s lost her foot warmer and her feet are cold. I’ve returned to writing … but it’s very quiet.

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  1. travelnwrite permalink

    Well, there is a solution to that silence and cold feet and that would be to get a little fur baby of your own. . .just a thought! 😉 Thanks for the holiday greetings and I will get around to writing a proper email one of these days but wanted to wish you and your in-house editor a very Happy New Year! Perhaps our paths will cross if the travel gods are willing!

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