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An Inspiring Review

October 18, 2018

The reason I write is to tell a story that I hope readers will enjoy. No ulterior motive; it’s certainly not to make a fortune enabling me to buy a yacht, or to live on some exotic isle! What surprises me is that my books get reviews, not just reader’s opinions, which are of course subjective, and welcome, on sites such as Amazon, but that professional reviewers enjoy them. I have just returned from what we felt was a well-earned break in our favourite Cretan village to find another excellent review for Running Scared, the latest DI Mike Nash Thriller, on

   Courtesy of AMW

Titles are offered to reviewers and sent if requested. Some will read and publish, others are never to be seen. But I am grateful to those who do. The confidence they show in my work and the feedback from readers is the encouragement for me to continue. I met Andy, a crime aficionado and avid collector of first editions, at my very first book signing. It was pouring with rain on a cold and miserable day, but he wanted a copy. I have bumped into him at events and was delighted when he began to put his expertise to use as a reviewer, even more so when he agreed to look at mine. I wish him well with his venture.

Now we are home, it’s back to work, not that I didn’t work in the sunshine, my alter-ego, William Gordon, always does. I have three titles in three series all in progress and should soon have news to impart — so watch this space.

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