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Life Imitating Art

March 25, 2018

It’s strange how reports in the media suddenly replicate a work of fiction.

Facts that emerged recently regarding an incident in Salisbury UK lend a strong similarity to The Haunted Lady, one of my Eden House Mysteries set in 1983; written and published in 2016 by Accent Press.

Curiosity made me scan my research notes and I was astounded at the results.

The plot contains, Espionage, Double Agents, Soviet Bloc/Iron Curtain, all revolving around an East European citizen resident in the UK, and murdered by use of toxic chemicals. When written I had no idea that so many of the elements of the plot would bear grim resemblance to recent real life events.

I’m aware that my Mike Nash thrillers are popular reading in the library at Durham Gaol, I do hope they haven’t become DIY manuals!

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