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Getting back to normal

March 11, 2018

With only the occasional sound of hammering and sawing, life is returning to normal. Baring a few final touches, we now have a home, and the new sound, or should I say usual sound, of tapping keyboards is echoing round the bungalow. My in-house editor has a backlog of work and I am continuing to ‘think’. Plot ideas come from the strangest of situations and generate themselves at the oddest of times. I can be stirring a pan as I cook dinner, or typing my current work, when a stray thought will come to mind and has to be noted for future use. The worse time is as I am preparing for bed, and the ‘Will be a few minutes,’ can run into fifteen or more as I make copious notes or plot changes that must be made.

So ‘normal service has been resumed’ as they say.

And with that comes the latest Greek Island Romance.

 The Garden of Healing is now available on Amazon in both Paperback and digital formats and I continue to draft the next in the series. The next Mike Nash is at present with my proofreader, and I’m eagerly awaiting the cover from the graphic designer with the hope of publishing soon.

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