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A Valentine Special

February 14, 2018

Today is Valentine’s Day and it’s been rather a different day from what you would expect. I got a present – in the form of a review on for Picture of Innocence and it made my day.      But it wasn’t the only thing. Many of you will be aware that since April 2016 we have, through necessity, made two house moves, and during that time still managed to somehow continue writing and publish three books. And now I am informed by my in-house editor that although there is editing to finish, she suddenly has time on her hands. For over two years she has continually packed, unpacked, and repacked boxes and now it has come to a halt – and daytime TV holds no interest!

So she has in fact given my readers a Valentines gift, a thank you for their support.

Within the next 72 hours, the list prices on the Greek Island Romances will be uniform. There was a disparity but now all the digital books are £1.99 and all the paperbacks are £5.99. These changes also apply to US and European prices. Along with this, she reduced the paperback to £6.99 for Love Changes Everything – because it does!

I hope her efforts benefit my readers, and I shall now go and make a meal for my Valentine.


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