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Nash is back!

November 15, 2017

After a two and half year gap I’ve made the decision to bring back DI Mike Nash

The knowledge that readers who have enjoyed the previous books were eager for more was the deciding factor in the equation.

Rather than disappoint the people who had been so supportive I opted for the independent route in both paperback and digital format with Picture of Innocence, currently available on Amazon. To do so, I commissioned Derek Colligan, the original designer of the first seven hardbacks, to create the cover.

There were other reasons. Foremost was the demise of the publisher of the previous eight books in the DI Mike Nash series (see ‘The end of an era’, 20th December 2015). That closure, together with their decision to sell the company lock, stock, and barrel to a publisher whose remit at that time didn’t include fiction left me – along with many other authors, I guess – well and truly stranded.

The bald truth, as a fellow crime writer told me and confirmed by several enquiries on my part, was that no other publisher would take over a series that was well established without having the option to acquire the rights to previous titles. And that, with the contractual obligations, wasn’t going to happen for some time.

After concentrating on several other projects in the interim, The Eden House Mysteries, my Greek Island Romances, including The Fountain of Daphne for a Greek Children’s charity, I decided to go it alone.

Publication of Picture of Innocence was delayed further by a double house move followed by a massive renovation project, but now, at long last, the day has dawned. I sincerely hope that the book provides the level of enjoyment readers have come to expect … and the good news is that books ten, eleven and twelve are complete, albeit in draft form at this point, but there shouldn’t be as long a delay before the next title appears.

  1. Una permalink

    Thank God, Mike Nash is back, I have let everyone on Facebook know

  2. About time! 😉 (but having just done ‘the move’ I realize how life turns upside down sometimes and writing sadly goes to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list). I’m looking forward to the lastest Nash adventure!

  3. Thanks for your patience, Jackie and I hope you enjoy the book.

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