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October … a time for romance?

October 1, 2017

I won’t bore you with stories of house sales going wrong or the reasons I haven’t had the time to blog for three months. What I will do is tell you that Amazon UK have selected one of my Greek Island Romances, written as William Gordon, to feature in their Monthly Deal. For the month of October Sofia’s House will be available to download for only 99p. You might have only read my thrillers, but if you fancy a bit of romance perhaps now is the time to try it. You might then be tempted to try one of the other titles in the series including The Fountain of Daphne where all the royalties are paid directly to ELEPAP in Chania Crete, a Greek charity for the rehabilitation of disabled children.

Sofia’s love life has ended in disaster. Having lost her London home, she now lives with and cares for her Greek grandmother, matriarch of the family, astute business woman, and widow of an English man. Sofia hears stories from the past, of her grandparents’ meeting and life in the remote coastal village of Galini on the Greek island of Tritinos. When her grandmother dies, she bequeaths to Sofia the family house in Galini, with one condition attached. Her final wish is that Sofia will find the same happiness in life as she did. The house, uninhabited for years, is currently in the midst of a dispute regarding redevelopment of the village. Sofia heads for Greece, but can she keep her promise to never sell the old stone house?

  1. Una permalink

    I am not into romance books but I do love my detective books to be precise Mike Nash and I miss him so, Is there any chance he will be coming back?

    • Shouldn’t be long, Una, and if you check your emails you’ll be able to get a sneak preview xx

  2. travelnwrite permalink

    Love the romances as well and especially Sofia’s House!! Glad to hear Mike Nash is coming back as well!

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