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The Secret is Out!

February 26, 2017

Having teased my readers for months, I can now reveal exactly what I’ve been up to. You may recall my blog ‘George’ back in October and my intention to help ELEPAP – Rehabilitation for the disabled in Chania Crete. Well, here’s how I’m going to do it.

Many of you are aware that in addition to my crime books I also write Greek Island Romances under the pen name William Gordon.

The next title, The Fountain of Daphne, will be released on 11th March and all royalties from the sales in either digital or paperback format will go directly to ELEPAP. With cuts in government funding due to the economy and more reliant on donations, I want to repay the kindness and hospitality the Cretans have shown to me and my wife Val during our many holidays on their beautiful island. I’ve helped charities at home, so why not?


It hasn’t been easy but at last we’ve succeeded and the digital version is available to pre-order on Amazon at £1.99 (€2.99).

The paperback will launch on the same date at £5.99 (€7.00).

So please spread the word as far and wide as you can.


  1. travelnwrite permalink

    I’ll order a copy as soon as we settle back into Greece and enjoy it there. Kudos for your – and your editor’s — efforts for such a worthy cause!

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