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What’s in a name?

September 2, 2016

As an author I’m always seeking appropriate names for characters. That must be easy you say, but it isn’t. How often do you make an assumption about a person when you hear a name prior to meeting them? It’s the same when characterizing, ensuring the name applies can be difficult; sometimes just finding a name can be tricky.

Several years ago I arrived at a black-tie dinner with a copy of my latest book as a raffle prize, only to discover there was to be an auction of some very high-value donations, not quite the situation I had imagined. With some quick thinking, the prize was changed to not only the signed copy but the offer of being named as a character in my next book, raising several hundred pounds. I now get requests from other fund raising events to apply the same – and it’s great fun.

The Haunted LadyMy latest Eden House Mystery, The Haunted Lady, aided two worthwhile causes, a community based charity and also junior cricket, something I’ve been involved with for many years. I shall be attending an ‘end of season’ cricket meeting in a couple of weeks to present a copy of the book to the donor. Following that, I shall be off to my Greek hideaway, seeking inspiration for another of my Greek Island romances, people watching and listening out for names.

One Comment
  1. It is a great idea. I have used friends names and followers names (with their permission of course) and they just love it. I’ve been sitting here thinking of names all morning, to suit a 1940s movie star and her crowd caught up in murder. Not easy at all. If I help with names can I come with you to the Greek hideaway? I am quiet and can do odd jobs?

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