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Willow. 23rd February 2007 – 8th March 2016

March 9, 2016


Yesterday we should have been celebrating. Our offer for the house we hoped to buy was accepted, so plans for our move could take shape. However, any pleasure we might have felt at the news was more than overshadowed by the loss of our beloved Labrador, Willow.

Despite the skill and determination of the veterinary surgeons who tried everything they could to combat her kidney failure, in the end they were unable to arrest the aggressive complaint and halt her decline, forcing us to make the most heart-rending decision  before her suffering became too much to bear. Our only solace was that we had done everything possible to try and cure her. It was small comfort, if any.

Willow had much to contend with during her nine years. As a puppy, she developed endometriosis which necessitated a hysterectomy. Then she almost died during an epileptic seizure that resulted in lifetime daily medication. She bore these troubles with great fortitude.

Nicknamed ‘The Gruffalo’, Willow’s deep, aggressive bark deterred any visitors with evil intent. That fearsome sound belied her gentle nature. She made many friends and few, if any, enemies.

To us, her pack, she was loving, trusting, loyal and protective. She brought us great joy, lots of fun and a huge amount of happiness. It was only when we made the inevitable decision to end her suffering that she brought us any tears.

A friend commented that she was lucky to have us. That definitely cuts both ways for we were immensely fortunate to have her. That is because she chose us to live with. When we visited the litter, Willow pushed the other puppies aside to greet and claim us. She settled into our routine immediately, as if she had always been part of our lives.

Farewell, our friend. We will miss you, the love you gave us, and the happiness and laughter we shared. Rest in peace, Willow.

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  1. I am so very sorry to hear of this. My thoughts are with you both xx

  2. travelnwrite permalink

    This news breaks my heart as I know she was such a treasured member of your family. Keep those memories and speak of her often ~ she’ll always have a spot in your hearts. Hugs and love to you both~

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