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Paperback Writer

December 5, 2015

I always joked that I wanted to be a paperback writer, especially when a certain song played on the radio. Although my DI Mike Nash thrillers are all hardback, Accent Press, who publish my Eden House Mysteries in both digital and print on demand versions, has decided to fulfill my ambitions by releasing the first of the series, Silent as the Grave, as a trade paperback in January.

To boost this, the box set of three is available for 99p to download now.

box set template Eden House

Sofia's House

In October, when I returned from holiday, I mentioned that my alter ego, William Gordon, had the urge to write another Greek romance. What I didn’t mention is that WG has his own in-house publisher. It’s a little known fact that in the corner of my office sits a gnome – well someone shorter than me – who has learnt the technique for publishing both paperbacks and eBooks for him. So while I concentrate on completing the next Eden House Mystery, The Haunted Lady, you can now find Sofia’s House available on Amazon.


    • I believe my publisher, Robert Hale Ltd, has closed down, although I have as yet not been officially advised. So, although there are more already written, at this time I’m unable to say when.

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