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Snowdrops are Falling on my Head

March 6, 2015

Sunday morning, there we were sitting at the dining table, coffee and crosswords, with the radio on in the background. The presenter said the 1st March always made her think of the beginning of spring, snowdrops everywhere in the gardens, and warm sunshine. I looked though the patio windows and watched the snow flakes start to fall! It didn’t last long and soon melted, but as I didn’t have plans to go anywhere, then it wasn’t a problem; I had work to do.
I don’t write 9 til 5, I write when I want and there is no set pattern. I could be sitting at the dining table writing longhand with my trusty Shaeffer fountain pen or at my desk in the conservatory. If, however, I need to type, then I am often shut away in the office, door closed and may not emerge for hours. (As long as there is a constant supply of coffee being delivered regularly.)
It was late in the evening when I was advised that I really should take a look outside. Once again, the snow was falling heavily – so much for spring.
No problem, I can stay here in the warm and concentrate on the first draft of the next Eden House Mystery. Number three, Vanishing Act, has now gone into the production department after a week of editing between me and my brilliant editor Greg at Accent Press.

 Vanishing Act

Now, a few days later, the typeset is back for proofing and I am again ensconced in the office at the laptop. aware that it should be available sometime later this month — it’s all go round here.

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  1. Tee Hee. Never mind snowdrops, old chum, we’re on to the Daffs down here. In fact the Daffs have been out in my garden since January 😀
    On the down side, no sledging for us.

  2. A week on … and we’ve had to turn the central heating down! Last night we were forecast torrential rain. We got …. dew! We were forecast strong to gale force winds. We got …. a zephyr of a breeze that wouldn’t have ruffled the sails on a child’s toy yacht. Crazy weather …. or crazy forecasters?

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