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Wishing on a Star

November 19, 2014

I suppose at this time of year many people could be wishing on a star. With all the adverts on television and all the pre-Christmas hype you could be forgiven for feeling a little stressed. ‘It’s only five weeks,’ I hear you say. So perhaps the thought of putting your feet up, a nice cuppa (or something in a glass?) and chilling in a quiet corner has some appeal? If so a short story could provide the answer. Accent Press has just released the Christmas anthology, Wishing on a Star, and have included my Christmas tale, No Smoke Without Fire.

“Christmas comes but once a year … so get into the mood with this fantastic feast of festive tales from Accent Press!

Wishing on a Star    With some brilliant short stories from best-selling authors, there’s something for everyone: Yuletide laughs from Christina Jones and Tricia Maw, an Edwardian Advent from Caroline Dunford, some Christmas criminality from Bill Kitson and Marsali Taylor, and heart-warming episodes from Jane Wenham-Jones, Jane Risdon, and Jane Jackson, ’tis the season for jolly good reading!”

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  1. Hello Bill, just read No Smoke Without Fire (Wishing on a Star), and loved it. Right up my street so to speak. I was hooked from the start and enjoyed it no end. I love how your brain works – on the same wave -length as mine when it comes to twists in the tale. I am working my way through the collection and enjoying it so much. Great to be in another book with you. 🙂

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