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Spooky Goings on

October 4, 2014

I’m delighted to say that Accent Press has included a short story, Dead Ringer, as part of their new Hallowe’en anthology Shiver.

The Hallowe’en Special eBook will be out next week


‘A selection of spooky, scintillating, and scary stories from some of Accent Press’s best-loved authors. Featuring gruesome crime from Bill Kitson and Andrea Frazer, a frighteningly modern fairy tale from Helena Fairfax, ghostly goings-on from Christina Jones, David Rogers, Jane Risdon, Marie Laval, and Tricia Maw, a twisted take on a national pastime from Cara Cooper, and the supernatural side of reality TV from Caroline Dunford. So this Hallowe’en, if you’re hankering for a haunting, could murder a mystery, or are prepared to be scared – let Accent make you shiver.’


  1. Bill, hello. I thought I’d pop by and let you know that I’ve really enjoyed your short story in Shiver very much. I found it so clever and inventive, and the way you wrote it had me on the edge of my seat right to the end. I wish you luck with all your writing and am proud to be included in Shiver alongside you and so many other talented writers. 🙂

    • Thank you Jane. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to read them all yet but am looking forward to it. I think we, at Accent, make a great team! Bill

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