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Eden House Mysteries: Book Two

September 27, 2014

Adam and Eve are back!

Six weeks earlier than scheduled, Accent Press has released the second of the Eden House Mystery Series, The Kaiser’s Gold, in both paperback and eBook formats.

With the first title, Silent as The Grave, attracting a wide readership in both the UK and US, it was decided not to keep the readers in suspense – but I do hope the plot does!

The first draft of book three of the series, Vanishing Act, is almost complete, and if you watch this space you may soon get a sneak preview of the cover.

The Kaiser's Gold   ‘Babes in the wood, babes in the wood,  who will be next to be covered in blood?’

   For generations, the children of Rowandale have recited that grim rhyme. Now those sinister words are becoming a stark reality …

   The last of the influential Latimer family has died and the estate is in dispute. Racehorse  trainer Barbara Lewis stands to inherit the prized Latimer racing stables, but not everyone’s happy about that …

   When Barbara’s friend Eve Samuels goes to visit her, an intruder is discovered in the stables.

The seemingly trivial incident sparks a spiralling chain of intrigue, violence, and murder. Barbara’s ex-husband is found stabbed to death and she is chief suspect – along with a mysterious man who has recently been seen in the area. The local detectives are so inept that Eve and her boyfriend, Adam Bailey, investigate. Are the murders random acts of a deranged psychopath, or are more sinister forces at work?’

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