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I’ve been away too long – way too long!

July 13, 2014

It came as a shock to realize how long it has been since I posted a blog. In my own defence I have been extremely busy, and in the middle of that I took a holiday in Greece and we had visitors from Germany for the Tour De France. I know these are all sounding like excuses, but they are all I have to offer.

The lack of news to report would be a better excuse, but I certainly can’t put that one forward with any justification. Therefore, to bring you up to date with events, here is a brief summary of what I’ve been up to since February.

In March and April the seventh full length Mike Nash crime novel, Buried in the Past, was released by Robert Hale Ltd in hardback and eBook formats. Also in March, Accent Press published Silent as the Grave, book one of the Eden House Mysteries, in paperback and eBook.

Since then I have signed a contract for the eighth Mike Nash thriller with Hale. The title is Dead and Gone and release is expected early next year. I have also contracted for the second and third books in the Eden House Mystery series with Accent Press. Again, I will let you know publication dates as and when they are finalised.

In addition, Accent Press asked me to contribute a short story to their summer crime anthology.The collection, released late in June, is entitled A Case of Crime. My contribution, No Second Chance, will also be published in eBook as a stand-alone very shortly.

A Case of Crime                                 Peaceful Island

Having published my two Greek eBooks, Watering the Olives and The Last Resort in paperback earlier this year, I’m pleased to say that a third title set on the fictional island of Tritinos will be available in the next few days in both paperback and eBook. Peaceful Island is a new venture for me as the plot is a full-blooded contemporary romance.


So that’s what I’ve been up to. What do you mean, is that all?


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