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Can you read this? If so, we need your help.

September 10, 2013

Please don’t think this is simply another author trying to flog books, because it is far more than that. We need your support for what is a truly worthwhile cause. Yes, I am honoured to say that one of my books has been selected for the start of this bold initiative, but the underlying motive is much greater than a single title by one author alone. Importantly, it is something where your participation will make a real difference. Let’s consider a few facts as spelt out below by Dan Grubb, CEO of Fantastic Books Publishing.

There are approximately 2 million registered blind folks in the UK and 15 million in the US. But Fantastic Books Audio doesn’t exist to create stuff for the blind community, although they will definitely benefit from our Fantastic audio books. It exists to get the wonderful gift of reading to as many people as possible. There are a myriad of conditions both physical and mental that make the traditional reading experience (both print and digital) impractical. Severe dyslexia, for example, or certain types of learning disorder that mean that concentrating on the written word becomes difficult. Conditions that cause pain when in one position for too long such as arthritis or even strained muscles can all make reading a book impractical and, at worst, painful. Audio books are cool. They are a practical, fun way to listen to your favourite stories while on the move, driving your car, on a flight or a train, at the gym, doing the ironing or even to listen to at bedtime to stop the midnight shock of your book falling to the floor between the bed and the wall! It’s our mission to make audio books cool again and with the help of like minded people we can make this mission a reality. Go here, laugh at me in the video, then go grab yourself one of dozens of pledge gifts to help keep this project moving forward;

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  1. Great blog Bill. Consider it spread far and wide!

    Keep up the great work, this project is well worth the graft.

    Best as always,


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