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Publication Day – and controversy.

June 6, 2013

Minds That Hate is published today by Fantastic Books Publishing, in all e-book formats. This, the third in the Mike Nash series, which is already available in hardback, comes with a warning. It isn’t for the faint-hearted. The content is judged by retailers to be unsuitable for readers under the age of seventeen, and may in parts prove offensive to readers of all ages.

That disclaimer, which appears under the blurb on Smashwords, came as a surprise to me. When I started writing Minds That Hate, I certainly didn’t set out to make it controversial, or even powerful or disturbing. That isn’t how it works. My style of writing and plot construction consists of taking an original idea and building on it as the plot develops.

Thus, with Depth of Despair, all I had to begin with was an angler fishing a skull from a lake, which was sparked by time spent fishing in Cumbria. Likewise, with Minds That Hate, all I had was my own take on the old “locked room” puzzle. Can someone really be innocent of the crime for which they have been convicted, when the evidence is overwhelmingly conclusive, even including DNA? Or, is their claim that they didn’t commit the offence merely a means to an end, masking their true motive upon release from prison?

Once I had that idea, the rest followed in a sort of organic growth. What resulted was considered both powerful and topical by critics. If anyone sets out to create something with such an outcome in mind, they must be far cleverer than I am.

Having said that, readers seem to have enjoyed it, and I certainly haven’t been told that any of them found the content in any way offensive. Thought-provoking, yes, but isn’t that one of the hoped-for objectives in writing a novel?

So, if you are considering downloading Minds That Hate, I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, you can send me feedback via the contact page on my website.

Happy Reading


The quick link to download Minds That Hate from the Fantastic Books store is

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