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A Birthday present, some ghosts and a UFO

March 7, 2013

What do you give an author with an unquenchable thirst for coffee? It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and my ever-thoughtful wife came up with a delightfully unusual present. Not only did it celebrate the anniversary of my entrance to the world, but it also marked the recent success of Depth of Despair on Kindle.

I am delighted to report that one of the knock-on effects of that has been that as I write, there have been 48 reviews for the book, 38 of which are either 4* or 5*. Looking forward, I’m also pleased to tell you that the other titles in the Mike Nash series will all be available in e-book format by this coming autumn.

In the meantime, I hope readers will enjoy a departure from my other writing which will be available on Kindle as from next week. Flowers On My Grave is a collection of ghostly short stories. I have to admit that when I was young, if you’d asked me, I would have said that I didn’t believe in either ghosts or UFOs. I’m still sceptical about the latter, but in my next two posts, I will tell two stories about ghosts. Both of these are true. I can vouch for that, because I was involved in both of them.

As for UFOs, the nearest to a close encounter I had was many years ago, when I was driving in East Anglia. I was 20 miles away from the pub I was booked into for B&B. It was almost dusk, and as I drove along a straight but deserted stretch of road, I glanced to my right, and was terrified to see a set of mysterious lights rising vertically from behind a large copse of trees. I put my foot down on the accelerator, determined to get away from there as fast as possible.

I was still shaken by what had happened when I reached my lodgings, I told the landlord about the sighting. He smiled. ‘That’ll be the new plane the RAF are testing,’ he told me, ‘it goes straight up and down.’

To this day, whenever I see a Harrier jet fighter I am reminded of the time I mistook one for an alien spacecraft.

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  1. You kept that quiet! Happy Belated Birthday, Bill!

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