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What a week!

February 1, 2013

It’s been quite a week. It began like a spy film, ‘I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you’. So stringent are the terms of the Kindle Daily Deal that any premature disclosure would result in the deal being cancelled. Thus it was only after midnight on Monday / Tuesday when I clicked on the relevant page and saw that my book was listed that I felt confident enough to tell everyone I could think of what was happening.

To be fair, at times I felt like going into town, stopping total strangers and telling them. I resisted the temptation, but it was a close call. Perhaps the real reason was that I was far too busy to leave the house. Not busy writing, re-writing or editing. Busy checking the Amazon sales ranking to see how Depth of Despair was performing.

It did very well. By the time I switched  on the computer first thing Wednesday morning, the book, now restored to full price, was #3 in the Amazon Kindle Bestseller List, and was #1 in Crime. Being realistic, that was better than I’d hoped for, and I was more than content with that, because the only two e-books above mine were both priced at 20p, and one of those is a film tie-in.

What now, you may ask? Now that the excitement is over. Well, here’s the thing. The excitement isn’t over. Not by a long way. Not only has Depth of Despair remained high in the Kindle Bestseller list (as I write it’s at #32) but there have been better than anticipated benefits via my other titles, both in the paper and electronic versions.

Although it will be some time before the exact figures are available, my publishers have obviously been more than happy with the outcome, because they have scheduled three more of the Mike Nash series for release in e-book format during August. Altered Egos, Back-Slash and Identity Crisis will appear then, just in time for people to download for holiday reading.

Like I said at the beginning, it’s been quite a week, and my thanks to everyone who helped to make it so. Roll on Monday!

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