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Christmas Greetings, Glad Tidings and an Apology

December 24, 2012

The traditional greeting is ‘Merry Christmas,’ although I guess for many different reasons there a lot of people with little to feel merry about this year. I refer specifically to those directly affected by the dreadful slaughter in Connecticut as well as those for whom making ends meet has become impossible because they have been overcome by the rising tide of the economic Tsunami, and also those whose homes have been wrecked by the invasion of flood water.

I have read reports that some citizens in America have taken to arming themselves as a defence mechanism against the senseless sort of violence we have witnessed. I have to assume they are too young to remember the Cold War. All their actions will do is provoke other unbalanced people to get hold of even more powerful and deadly weapons. In the days of confrontation with the Communist bloc this was known as escalation and the end result was perilously close to a nuclear holocaust. Please, I beg of you, take a lesson from history.

So, rather than a Merry Christmas let me wish you a contented and peaceful one, with those you love and who love you close at hand, and without anything to mar your enjoyment of the festivities. Anything more than that is a luxury.

This week I had an early Christmas present, which brought some much-needed personal glad tidings. This came via confirmation that a contract has been signed for one of the books in the Mike Nash series to appear in paperback. As this is the first, you can imagine the delight I felt and still feel. My hope is that the other books in the series will follow.

Now I have to make an apology. When the first book of the Byland Crescent series, Requiem was published, my plan was that the second book, Renaissance, would be available in November. That didn’t happen and I have already had several emails enquiring as to why. The reason is simple. Life got in the way.

The recent series of torrential rainstorms that have battered many parts of Britain have brought devastation, distress and a host of problems for a lot of people. Our own difficulties have been minor inconveniences by comparison, but nevertheless they had to be dealt with. Two leaking roofs, an unidentified leak which was only traced to a cold water inlet pipe after it had damaged one of the house walls and a major fault in the central heating system could hardly be overlooked. The knock-on effect has been the presence of a seemingly endless stream of plumbers, electricians and roofers, whose work has been sufficient to disallow any thought of being able to concentrate on the final editing process of a 100,000 word manuscript. Hopefully, these domestic upheavals have now come to an end, although there is still the sting in the tail when the bills arrive. However, Renaissance should appear early in the New Year.

Have a Happy, Peaceful and Contented Christmas, and I hope the New Year brings you some, if not all that you hope for.

  1. Many congrats on the contract, Bill! Wishing you all the best for 2013 x

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