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Mike Nash country.

November 21, 2012

My camera is a high-tech digital model. There’s only one problem with that; the operator is extremely low-tech. This has led to a recent problem which fortunately was resolved without the nightmare cost I envisaged.

Having taken the photos for the covers of the Byland Crescent series, I felt it would be a good idea to show readers some of the scenery in which Mike Nash works. This was a task that got delayed from summer – because we didn’t have one.

I selected the places I wanted and having loaded the camera with freshly charged batteries, we set off towards the dales on a bright, sunny Saturday in early October. Having reached the first site, I pointed the camera, switched it on and nothing happened. The review pane was blank. The photo shoot had to be abandoned. Returning home, I put a fresh set of batteries on charge, and tried again, this time in the house. Still nothing, only a blank screen. No error message or warning, not a flicker.

It looked as if this was going to be expensive, until I visited the local camera shop and explained what was happening, or not happening. The shop owner took one look at the batteries and pointed out the problem. One battery was of high enough power, the other three were not fit for purpose. To be fair, they were identical in appearance.

Having attended the Theakston Nidderdale Cricket League dinner in Harrogate on Friday evening, I had a day off from umpiring junior indoor cricket on Saturday, and when Sunday dawned with a cloudless blue sky, I was at last able to take the photos I’d been after for so long. The result is a series of fourteen shots of scenes from the area where I picture Mike Nash and his colleagues at work. These can be viewed on the gallery page and will shortly appear on my website.

Although I cannot claim to be anything more than a very average photographer, I am at least better than my sister, whose nickname; ‘The Executioner’ came from her habit of cutting people’s heads off when she took their photo. The ones I’ve posted don’t even have an image of my thumb across the corner. I deleted those!

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