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November 14, 2012

November seems to be the fashionable month for electing presidents. First off, there was the close run thing to choose the man who will govern the most powerful nation on earth for the next four years. And last night, in a slightly less tense atmosphere, I was elected as President of Scarborough Writers’ Circle, a post I will hold for the next three years.

I guess the title is about the only thing Mr Obama and I have in common, either in the election process or during our respective terms in office. The contest to elect the President of the United States was a close fought battle right up to the announcement of the results, whereas I was elected unopposed. In that respect, if in no other, I guess many incumbents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would envy me. President Obama’s job will be that of the most influential decision maker on the planet, whereas mine is more or less the role of a figurehead.

Nevertheless, I am conscious of the honour bestowed on me by the members of the Circle, which has a long and distinguished history, with many fine authors, both past and present, and look forward to using my Presidency to further the cause of writing and the Circle in whatever way I can.

Yesterday had a vaguely surreal feeling to it, from the moment we set out to make the normally 45 mile journey to Scarborough. For once, we didn’t take the direct route, but because we had three calls to make en route, we went through several small villages as we passed by the White Horse and out towards the famous Catholic school at Ampleforth. This took us past the ruins of Byland Abbey, which is the cover image of Requiem and will feature on those of the rest of the series.

Once in Scarborough, we chanced to bump into a crime reader who has become a friend over the past few years. He told me that his “to be read” stack currently stands at 146, all thrillers. It isn’t that Andy is a slow reader, either. On a recent trip to London he came back with 15 new titles. He rarely misses a crime event, especially those nearby. That is the mark of a true aficionado. And at least it lessened the guilt I feel about the dozen or so I haven’t yet got round to reading.

  1. Many congratulations, Bill!

  2. Congratulations, Bill. I didn’t know you and Barack were up against it. well, I knew about Barack even out here on the oggin we do get some news. The didn’t mention the writer’s circle though. Tut, tut.

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