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Getting Started

November 6, 2012

First, my thanks to Val and to @AgeanJan for the technical stuff that got the blog up and running. It’s humbling not knowing where to start, where you’re aiming for, or how to get there.

So here I am, dragged, kicking and screaming into the 21st century world of blogging. Having read and admired the excellent blogs and newsletters produced by many fellow authors and others, I have been persuaded, cajoled, threatened and intimidated into following suit. My output may not match those of others, either in the quality of their content or the regularity of their appearance, but I can promise you the opinions will be honest, the thoughts primarily my own, and with a little bit of luck, from time to time they may be amusing enough to raise a smile.

Please don’t feel shy of letting me know what you think of the blog by posting comments. Feedback is always welcome; any author who doesn’t listen to his readers misses a golden opportunity to get the most honest opinion of his or her work, and the chance to find ways of improving it.

Anyway; here it is; my first hesitant footstep into the world of blogging and bloggers. My next post will tell you more about why it’s taken longer than anticipated to get to the stage of publishing this first post.

  1. Thank you so much for the mention, Bill! It was a pleasure to help,
    Best of luck with the blog!

  2. Every journey begins with the first step, Bill. And I recall the feeling of having experienced a miracle when I finally wrote that first post and saw it published. . .and then, of course, wondered if any one any where would ever read it. You are on you way! Look forward to reading more.

  3. Hi, Bill,, I’m a comparatively new indie author, blown away not only by the take-up on Kindle of my first two forays into the dizzy world of authordom in the past year, but more by the embracing and humbling depth of warmth shown by the writing family globally. Part of my out reach has been my blog, which gives me tons of pleasure, quite apart form any uplift it might give me in reader visibility .. At my tender age of 60+ and an absolute novice in all things internet a year ago, my fast learning curve has been forced a upon me in pursuing the ‘building a platform’ thing… and it’s been h marvellous fun.. hope to se you often on here .. enjoy, my friend , cheers

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