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Bill Kitson’s Blog Goes Live!

October 30, 2012

My ambitions are simple. I’m a storyteller.

I want to write books that people will enjoy so much they will look out for the next one with my name on the cover. Although reviews are important, it is the opinion of readers that matters most to me.

With six books in the DI Mike Nash series published, I have decided to set aside the crime books for the time being in order to focus my attention on a long overdue project that is close to my heart. Under my pen-name WILLIAM GORDON I have recently released WATERING THE OLIVES, a collection of light-hearted stories, and THE LAST RESORT, both set on a fictional Greek island.

However, the principal reason for the change of direction is the BYLAND CRESCENT series, a five-volume family saga that will span the period from late Victorian times until the present day, with each book centred around a new generation of the families. The series will take the reader to such diverse locations as West and North Yorkshire, Australia, Europe and America. The first book, REQUIEM, is available in paperback or to download on Kindle, with the second, RENAISSANCE, scheduled for November 2012. The remaining three parts of the series, RETRIBUTION, REDEMPTION AND REUNION, will follow in due course.

That doesn’t mean that I’ve given up my life of crime. There will be more Mike Nash stories on the way. Watch this space!

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